Salesforce UI/UX Designer

Location: Plano, TX (75024)
Company: Micasa Global Inc
Job Type: Full Time
Posted: 6 days ago

Job Description: Salesforce UI/UX Designer

A UX Designer, or User Experience Designer, is responsible for monitoring user experience and ensuring that websites, software programs and products are easy to use. Their duties include reviewing user feedback to determine potential defects or areas for clarity, working closely with other IT professionals and company personnel to refine user experience and performing usability tests on software products or website features to ensure functionality.

UX Designer duties and responsibilities

An innovative and hardworking UX Designer should be able to fulfill various duties and responsibilities. The following are important duties and responsibilities that a UX Designer should be able to execute:

  • Identify target user groups and carry out interviews or other types of inquiry to help understand user needs
  • Builds Salesforce UI using configuration/custom code and supports integrations
  • Ensure the creation and implementation of customized experiences for the digital user
  • Produce high-quality solutions through flow diagrams, graphic designs, storyboards and site maps
  • Provide guidance on the implementation of UX research techniques and testing activities to assess user behavior
  • Maintain a competitive edge against competitor products and industry trends
  • Perform tests on user interface elements such as CTAs, layouts, target links, landing pages and banners
  • Understand product specifications and user psychology and predict what might work for both
  • Experience using additional UX design programs, such as Adobe XD or Sketch
  • Knowledge of or experience using email service providers such as Klaviyo, MailChimp, Marketing Cloud or similar email platforms
  • Basic understanding of A/B testing practices
  • Basic understanding of HTML and CSS best practices
  • Illustration skills to create unique icons & graphics
  • Ability to create small animated GIFs
  • Knowledgeable about cross browser & cross device compatibility for websites
  • Knowledgeable about cross inbox & cross device compatibility for email

Technical Skill Set Required:

  1. The Salesforce UX/UI Developer role requires 5+ years of relevant Salesforce development & experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and human-centered design
  2. Supports build activities, using VisualForce, Lightning, APEX, APIs, and Web Services.
  3. Experience prototyping and presenting design solutions.
  4. One or more Salesforce Certifications, Design Thinking and UX Certifications is preferred
  5. Update, repair, modify, and expand existing computer programs.
  6. Design tools such as Axure, Figma, Principle, Adobe CC, Framer
  7. Responsible for activities such as program design, coding, testing, debugging or documentation.

Web Reference : AJF/364962790-168
Posted Date : Thu, 04 Aug 2022

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